House Full Of Inovations

Our goal is to bring you, to your establishment, cafe, bar or to your home, new exclusive ingredient with unique flavor under the brand that will always be connected with elegance and Japanese quality.

Exclusivity of the YŪZŪ brand and quality of our high-end products makes us the top of gourmet scene. Ingredients made by us are however easily available to the wide creative audience. 

Values That We Bring


With us, you will not only gain competitive advantage by innovating your menu, you will also support regional development in the remote parts of Slovakia and Japan. Through the ‘Save the Bees’ project, you contribute to maintaining Slovak bee-keeping tradition and the brand ‘Made in Slovakia’.


About Our Products

The main ingredients of our products are Japanese exotic Yuzu fruit and Slovak eco-friendly bee honey from Slovak bee-keeping industry.

We import Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, but also other ingredients, from our farms in Japan. With regular visits, we gain control over the already high production standards. We are also the official partner of Tokushima prefecture and the official distributor of this ingredient to Europe and Middle East.