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  • [fjúžn] Tea (30g)


    Limitovaná edícia Yuzu Tea určená na podporu festivalu AsiaDays a [fjúžn].

  • YUZU tea mini


    Exclusive Japanese Yuzu fruit and Slovak eco-honey are really a delightful couple. To make you happy, you only need a cup of hot water. You will fall in love with exotic Yuzu and along with honest honey from our beekeeping, it will give you a lot of vitamins, antioxidants and flavor to your life.

  • YUZU tea GOLD


    What does a pleasure look like to impress all your senses? Exclusive Japanese Yuzu fruit hidden in a design bottle, surrounded by organic honey from Slovakia and 24-carat gold.

    Yuzu tea GOLD is not an ordinary tea. It’s a fresh and healthy treat with an exceptional taste, made by hand, with special technology that leaves most of the vitamins from Yuzu and honey.

  • YUZU tea XL


    Discover great pleasure in a small citrus fruit. Exclusive Yuzu fruit brings a whole new dimension of quality and taste to Slovak cuisine. It is an ideal partner for creative chefs – it will create an unforgettable experience from your sauces or steaks, and you will not replace it even when preparing your favorite lemonades or drinks.

  • YUZU Peel Paste


    200 grams of Yuzu paste made of 100% Yuzu peel from Tokushima prefecture.

  • YUZU Peel Slices 200g


    200 grams of sliced Yuzu peel made of 100% Yuzu peel from Tokushima prefecture.

  • YUZU Peel Slices 1kg


    Big package of sliced Yuzu peel made of 100% Yuzu peel from Tokushima prefecture.

  • YUZU Peel Paste 200g


    Original Japanese peel paste from the nature of Shikoku island. We deliver this ingredient in frozen 200g plastic pack. Yuzu peel paste could be used for sauces, sorbets, dressings, toppings or it could be used with whipped cream.

  • YUZU Cider


    Refreshing cider with Yuzu flavor. Perfect for hot summer evenings.

  • YUZU Honey


    Flower honey straight from the beekeeper. We do not use any chemicals to treat the bee colonies. Our bee colonies are controlled by progressive technology with remote data reader, thus providing the ideal conditions for quality honey production. Flower honey is one of the most varied honey and it has a delicious and mild flavor. This honey contains mostly glucose, then fructose, and it has more vitamins and pollen. It is used to prevent symptoms of pollen allergy.

  • YUZU Beer


    Beer with Yuzu flavor? Yes! Mildly spicy taste of the true Japanese fruit fused with our Slovak beer which is made from the top-quality ingredients. This drink will refresh you and it will give you enough vitamin C with other additional minerals, vitamin B and vitamin E, all beneficial for your body.

  • YUZU Radler


    Most radlers use lemon as a main flavoring, but we use Yuzu fruit when making this refreshing radler.

  • YUZU Soda


    Carbonated soda drink with Yuzu flavor. The best refreshment for hot summer evenings.

  • YUZU Juice 200ml


    This Yuzu juice is made from Yuzu fruit which was harvested from natural Yuzu trees raised from Yuzu seeds so it has better taste and flavor compared to other products.

  • YUZU Tea

    350,00 250,00

    Lemon, grapefruit or pomelos are no longer fun? Try the taste of Yuzu. In the large Yuzu Tea package, you can find exotic refreshment in a cup of hot tea, but because of its variety, you can make not only delicious tea or fantastic mojito but also steaks that your guests will remember. Rare fruit coming from Japan will attract the deserved attention of lovers of good food and quality drinks.

  • YUZU Tonic


    Soft drink with Tonic and Yuzu flavor. A combination that goes together.